10 Jargons- Advertising

Target Audience

Target audience is the group of people a specific ad was intended for. This is used in any source of advertisement. All brands have target audience so all advertisements must have target audiences as well. An example sentence could be ‘forever 21 has a strong target audience, trendy young adult girls’


An endorsement is to recommend a product or service. This is normally done by celebrity’s or influencers. The endorser is always paid for there recommendation. An example of this could be Beyoncé and Pepsi.

Advertising Agency

An advertising agency is a group that helps a company create an advertising campaign. An advertising agency can create new print, television and internet advertisements. They can pull surveys and marketing research. They also know how to advertise to the target audience better than the company. An example sentence could be, ‘Many start ups use advertising agencies to help build there brand’.

Direct response campaign

Direct response marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on immediate response. This could include calling for more information, putting in an online order, being directed to a new webpage or signing up for an email list. An example sentence for this could be, ‘Forever 21 is really good at there direct response marketing’ This is used in adverting all the time especially for brands that have a large online presence.

Brand building

Brand building is creating a brand for the consumer. This should include everything you would want a potential customer to know. This includes defining your brand, positioning your brand, exposing your brand and personalizing your brand. An example sentence could be, ‘As we create our start-up we need to focus on brand building’. Any company will use brand building, with the market always changing brands continuously need to be conscious of there brand building.


ROI meaning return on investment. This is the amount returned after an initial investment. An example sentence would be, ‘my company’s advertisement was worth it because we had a good ROI’. In advertising, this can be used for when a company buys an advertisement. This can be a good way for the company to know if the advertisement was worth the money.

Native advertising

Native advertising is paid media which is integrated in natural media. This is mostly online and most presence on social media. This could be a sponsored post form a famous celebrity or influencer. A sample sentence could be ‘Forever 21 has a lot of native advertising, especially for younger teens on social media’.

Marketing Concept

Marketing concept is the base idea for a new marketing strategy for a product. This is used for any brand before they release a new product. An example sentence could be, ‘As forever 21 releases a new product they have a whole team coming up with its marketing concept’.


Customer is the person who is buying your product or receiving your service. In advertising a company’s main target audience is there customer. Even though not all customers will be in their target audience, brands will always focus on the customer when advertising.

Brand engagement 

Brand engagement is the reason that consumers take the time to engage with your brand. This includes the customer’s perception of the brand, the communication with the customer, the experience with the brand, and the promise the brand provides for the customer. A sample sentence could be, ‘Forever 21 has great brand engagement for there customers’.


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