Professional Organizations For Business-Finance

International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA):

The ICEAA is an international non-profit organization driven to advance, encouraging, promoting and enhancing the profession of cost estimating and analysis, through the use of parametrics and other data-driven techniques. The ICEAA is dedicated to promoting growth, enhancing understanding, providing opportunities, and connecting the field and those involved. They also work to give members a base of communication so they can further advance in the field and network on a global scale.

Commercial Finance Association (CFA):

The CFA is an organization to keep professionals in the discipline connected, educated, and informed in the asset-based lending and factoring industries. Members have access to plenty of tools and resources that enable connections and networking with other professionals in the field. The CFA also provides you with career services, which provide members with job postings, as well as benefits to staff that are displaced as part of outplacement offerings. Members are also offered subscriptions to “The Secured Lender” upon membership to the Association.

International Association For Quantitative Finance (IAQF):

The IAQF is a non-profit, professional society dedicated to fostering the field by providing platforms to discuss top issues in the field. This organization is composed of individual academics and practitioners from banks, broker dealers, hedge funds, pension funds, asset managers, technology firms, regulators, accounting, consulting and law firms, and universities across the globe. The IAQF acts as a beacon in the industry through discussions on current issues and sponsorships of programs in the finance industry.

American Finance Association (AFA):

The AFA is a premier academic organization dedicated to the promotion and knowledge of financial economics. The AFA seeks to provide mutual association for those interested in finance, improve public understanding of these topics, and provide for the exchange of these ideas between members and media. This organization also aims to encourage the study of finance in colleges or universities, and conduct other activities to increase interest in a professional, non-profit manner, as well as aid in the job search. This organization is very beneficial to students seeking to advance in finance as well as current professionals.

Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA):

The IASA is a non-profit, educational organization aiming to enhance knowledge of insurance professionals, along with professionals in closely related fields, through facilitating the exchange of ideas and information. IASA is one of the largest organizations in the insurance field. This organization includes a wide range of professionals, including property & casualty, life, health, fraternal, HMO, and others. The IASA also is closely tied with many professional companies, as well as individuals in the field.

*All information acquired from respective organization websites. To see more, follow the link in the heading of each paragraph.

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